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Article: Music Helps Us With Our Grief

Three Little Gems and a Drum

"When someone you care deeply about dies, your world as you know it blows apart into a million little pieces.  You slowly start to pick up the pieces, eventually realizing they will never fit back together the same way.
There is a place, a team, a process that may help you start to reassemble those pieces into your "new" world.  Talking, listening, crying, drumming...strangers who become traveling companions on this terrifying journey you find yourself on.
Three little gems and a drum. This is what the Healing Rhythms Drum Circle uses to help you understand what you are going through, where you are, and where you will be. 
If you are not sure you will ever survive the trauma of having your loved one die, consider doing some drumming."
Barb Baus (2013/2014)
"Again, many thanks go to you for facilitating this group.  I had never drummed before and while I was trying to come into the group with an open mind, I was still a tad skeptical walking into that first session, not really knowing what to expect.  Well, you have a believer….I was blown away by the power and transformation that I witnessed and am so glad that I did it!  Thank you for so skillfully and gently guiding the group to where they needed to go."
Mindy Watson, Bereavement Coordinator,  St. Luke’s VNA Hospice  (2016) 
"I've come to realize that nothing in life prepares us for losing some we love...nothing...
After trying numerous support groups I discovered the Healing Rhythms Drum Circle.  I was amazed how the vibration of the drum filled the emptiness I was feeling since my husband passed away.  We drummed as a group, cried and made lasting friendships.  Through drumming I saw a glimmer of hope for my future.
The journey in grief can be lonely until you find others along the same path.  For me, that was drumming."
Joan F. (spring 2016)
"I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the Healing Rhythms Grieving group.  It was incredibly beneficial and healing for me. Thank you so much for the heart and soul that you put into the drumming support group.  Not to mention time and energy. You have a wonderful gift to be able to facilitate a grieving group.  Please thank Tom your co-facilitator for me also. You both radiated peace and kindness, and helped us along our journey through this terrible wilderness.
With deepest gratitude,"
Sue  (fall 2016)

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