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Relax at a Stressbuster Drum Circle
To reduce stress, we offer you an appointment with yourself to forget about life's frantic pace.  In a Stressbuster Drum Circle,  we help you find peace of mind so you can leave worries behind. 
We guide you through innovative relaxation techniques which include: 
  • Meditative Drumming
  • Focused Breathing
  • Muscle Tension and Relaxation Cycles
  • Guided Imagery

and then give you permission to 'play' with others.  Have fun as you drum away.  The end result will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

For more info or to host a Stressbuster Drum Circle, click here.

Stressbuster Drum Circles are more structured than Community Drum Circles and are geared towards adults.

"... I have to say that I love the stress buster drum circles. I enjoy getting together with the large group to just have fun and play to my heart's content. I play at home too, and I find that a great way to meditate, but nothing beats getting together in a group. I can feel the drum beats in my heart and it just does me a world of good." 
- Linda Svoboda


"How does the drum help to relieve stress?  There are numerous ways this occurs.  When people drum, they are generally having fun.  It is difficult to be in a playful mode and be stressed at the same time."
- Robert Lawrence Friedman, author,
from "The Healing Power of the Drum"


Maureen 'Moe' Jerant * (610) 428-0544
Lv Drum Circle  * P.O. Box 541, Bethlehem, PA 18016