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Copyright Morning Call Dec 6, 2005

Beating a drum can be therapeutic, according to hand-drummer Moe Jerant. "When you drum, you need to focus on being present in the moment, she says. "In order to do that you have to clear your mind and be resigned to the fact that you won't have the "brain space' to think about anything else."

Advocates say recreational drumming can increase your sense of well-being and empowerment, boost immune cells that fight cancer and relieve stress and occupational burnout.

Jerant is leading what's called a drum circle Mondays in December. Participants drum together in activities ranging from follow-the-leader to the rhythmic version of whisper down the alley. The last event is "a big finale with a rumble by participants," she says.

No experience is necessary and drums are available. 7-8 p.m., Dec. 12, 19 and 26 at Dave Phillips Music, 622 Union Blvd., $5 per person. 610-820-5600,



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